13 November 2018

Hola, hoy es martes y hoy hicimos:

Español 2

1. Planear la fiesta para el viernes

2. Finish notes over spelling change 

3. Kahooteamos para practicar el pasado

4. Apuntes los demonstrativos

**Chapter exam on Thursday:

  •  Leccion 6 vocab (clothing, stores, shopping, etc)
  • past tense of regular -ar/-er/-ir verbs
  • past tense of -car/-gar/-zar verbs
  • past tense of spelling change "yo" verbs
  • past tense spelling change of 3rd person singular/plural spelling change verbs
  • saber vs. conocer
  • demonstrative adjectives

** Fiesta el viernes- need ideas? 

Español 3H

1. Practicando el subjuntivo con canciones 

2. Review rules for subjunctive and expressions of will and influence

3. Practice vocab and review for tomorrow's exam 

**Exam lección 3 la vivienda
  • house vocab
  • chores vocab
  • relative pronouns (que/quien/lo que)
  • formal commands (singular and plural)
  • present subjunctive of regular verbs

** Fiesta el viernes- need ideas? 

12 November 2018

Hola, hoy es lunes

Español 2

1. Para empezar 17 el 12 de noviembre del año 2018

Escriben en español:

a. Last night my family ran in the park.

b. Did you (guys) walk to the store last week?

c. I bought a new purse last month.

2. Practicamos escuchar y hablar

Planear fiesta para el viernes

Examen el 15 de leccion 6

Español  3H

1. Practicamos escuchar y hablar

2. Repaso de la practica del jueves

3. Kahooteamos con el subjuntivo 

Examen mañana de leccion 3 

09 November 2018

hoy es viernes el 9 de noviembre

-sub today-

Español 2 y 3H

VHL Central en el salon de computadoras 

check VHL calendar for due dates

Exams  next week for all levels

08 November 2018

Hola, hoy es jueves:

-Sub today-

Español 2

Regular verbs in the past tense - practice packet

Verb chart and  building sentences in the past tense

See me for copies of these practicas

Chapter exam next week Nov 15th

Español 3H

Subjunctive practice sheet

See me for copies of these practicas

Chapter Exam next week November 13

07 November 2018

Hola, hoy es miércoles: 

Español 2

1.  ¿Sabes tú? 19
Lake Maracaibo is a large  bay in Venezuela and an "inlet of the Caribbean Sea. It is sometimes considered a lake rather than a bay or lagoon. Geological record shows that it was a true lake in the past, and as such is one of the oldest lakes on Earth at 20–36 million years old.
Lake Maracaibo acts as a major shipping route to the ports and the basin also holds almost a quarter of Venezuela's population.  The weather phenomenon known as the Catatumbo lightning at Lake Maracaibo regularly produces more lightning than any other place on the planet. 

2. Review past tense of regular verbs -Kahoot 
and complete the next section of apuntes 

3. Practice using the following link:
* there may be a couple of irregular ones - don't worry if you get these wrong right now

TAREA: VHL due tonight before 11:59 pm.  
Study vocab -especially the new words -last night, yesterday, etc.

Memorize past tense endings

Español 3H

1. Cultura: Video  

2. Repaso de los mandatos informales/ formales (negativos y afirmativos / singular y plural)

3.  trabaja con un compañero y completa las frases Para la dos situaciones, para cada una:

1. Estás cuidando a tu hermano menor que es muy travieso. Necesitas decirle hacer o no hacer unas cosas en la casa para limpiarla. Escribe 10 frases usando mandatos informales negativos y positivos y el vocabulario del capítulo.

2. Tus profesores se volvieron locos 
(hay 2 profes)
durante la clase y están haciendo cosas locas. Tú eres el estudiante más responsable en la clase (pero tamién travieso) y tienes que darles consejos para no tener problemas con el director. Escribe 10 frases usando unos mandatos formales (singular y plural/negativos y afirmativos). 

TAREA: VHL due tonight before 11:59 pm

05 November 2018

Hola, hoy es lunes

Español 2

1. ¿Sabes tú? 18 el 5 de noviembre del 2018 

Don Quixote, the famous book written by Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes in 1605, was voted the “most meaningful book of all time” in 2002 by a panel of top authors. Published in two parts, in 1605 and 1615, the story follows the adventures of a noble man who reads so many chivalric romances that he loses his sanity and decides to become a knight-errant reviving chivalry and serving his country, under the name Don Quixote de la Mancha. He recruits a simple farmer, Sancho Panza, as his squire who often had witty comments about Don Quixote’s crazy adventure. Don Quixote does not see the world for what it is and prefers to imagine that he is living out a knightly story.

2. introduction and  Apuntes on the regular past tense

3. complete section "Palabras adicionales"  section on lección 6 vocab list

TAREA: VHL Activity

Español 3

1. Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote video

2. Assessment quiz for data - comprension de lectura en espanol de la lección 2  and review answers

3. Subjunctive -introduction (video)  

TAREA: VHL para el jueves 

 examencito el miércoles de los mandatos formales

02 November 2018

Hola, hoy es viernes:

Español 2

1. ¿Sabes tú? 17 viernes, el 2 de noviembre de 2018

Read the following and paraphrase for your sabes tú:
El Día de los Muertos or (The Day of the Dead) is a holiday celebrated in Mexico and by some other Latin Americans. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. The celebration occurs on November 1st and 2nd in connection with the Catholic holiday of All Saints' Day which occurs on November 1st and All Souls' Day which occurs on November 2nd. Traditions include: Visiting graves, building private altars honoring the deceased, using sugar skulls, marigolds, favorite foods and beverages of the departed.

4. Día de los muertos video

5. Repaso para el examencito

6. examencito saber vs. conocer and vocab from chapter 6

Español 3H

1. Kahoot practice

2. Repasar para el examecito

3. examencito -pronombres relativos y el vocabularion de lección 3

4. short intro to the subjunctive 

01 November 2018

Hola, hoy es jueves

Español 2

1. Para empezar 16 el 1 de noviembre 2018

Riddles: Read these riddles and tell which article of clothing it describes.

a. Dos buenas piernas (legs) tenemos y no podemos andar, pero el hombre sin nosotros no se puede presentar (show up).

b. Soy una de dos pero soy media y me usa en los pies.

c. Soy una cosa para una mujer (o otra persona) se usa para llevar la cartera.

2.  Escribe tu propio adivinanza en español

3. Practicamos escuchar e identificar el vocabulario

4. Vocab review w/ PPT

5. Actividad oral con un compañero

VHL assignment due Saturday before 11:59 pm

Español 3H

Review relative pronpouns

Examencito relative pronpouns

31 October 2018

Hola, hoy es miércoles:

Español 2

1. Música miércoles ¿Sabes tú? 16 el 31 de octubre de 2018

P: He is considered to be the father of fusion Latin Rock and was one of the first Latino musicians to become popular with mainstream U.S. audiences and is well known for his guitar playing. One of his best-known songs is “You’ve Got to Change Your Evil Ways” and “Oye cómo va.” He has also done work with Chad Kroeger, Rob Thomas, and Michelle Branch. He has also won 10 Grammy Awards and 3 Latin Grammy Awards. Who is this musician?

R: Carlos Santana

2. Review saber and conocer

3.  Assessment - Kahoot w/ saber v conocer

Tarea  VHL and study vocab

Español 3

1. Video from text on formal commands

2. Apuntes formal commands

3. Command practice chart

TAREA: Study vocab and VHL 

30 October 2018

Hola, hoy es martes el 30 de octubre

Español 2

1. Para empezar 15 el 30 de octubre 2018

Riddles: Read these riddles. Match each riddle to an article of clothing it describes from your notes.

a. Colgada (hanging) voy por delante y al hombre hago elegante.

b. Guardado (stored) en invierno, lo uso en verano, es mi único traje en sitios de baño.

c. Una piel (skin) que es otra piel, una mano que no es mano y del frío protege (protects) bien.

2. Turn-in practicas 15-17

3. Turn-in practicas 18-20 if complete for bonus points.  If not complete, turn-in completed tomorrow for full credit. After tomorrow, points will be deducted.

3. Apuntes saber vs. conocer

TAREA: VHL activity and STUDY VOCAB!!!

Español 3H

1. Review practica from yesterday on relative pronouns

2. Kahoot relative pronouns

3. Apuntes - formal commands (start)

TAREA: VHL activity and STUDY VOCAB!!!