18 May 2018

Hola, hoy es viernes

Español 1

Work on Study guide

Español 3H

Turn-in Kahoot mini-projects and play

17 May 2018

Hola, hoy es jueves 

Español 1

1. Examen -¿Sabes tú? 

2. Final Exam study Guide  

TAREA:  Begin  to review all apuntes for final exam

Español 3 H

Complete Kahoot projects:  each group has a given topic to create 15 Kahoot questions preferably with photos/visuals (classwork grade)

16 May 2018

Hola, hoy es miércoles,

Español 1

1. ¿Sabes tú? # 37 el 16 de mayo de 2018

P: This Spanish explorer led the first European expedition to reach what is now Florida. In 1513, he explored much of the area while searching for the legendary Fountain of Youth.

What is the name of the Spanish explorer?

R: Juan Ponce de León

2. Practica 30 (see me for a copy) irregular yo verbs- complete for homework 

* turn-in sub work from Monday for bonus 

VHL due tonight before 11:59! 

Español 3H

1. Stamp and review practica from yesterday


15 May 2018

Hola, hoy es martes

Español 1
1. ¿Sabes tú? 36  el 15 de mayo de 2018

2. Examencito  11  stem-changing verbs

3. Apuntes 31 - yo-go and irregular yo verbs (see me for a copy)

3. VHL - due Wednesday before 11:59 pm 

4. Complete yesterday's sub work for homework.

TAREA: VHL and start reviewing all Sp 1 vocab for final

Español 3 H

1. Examencito 

2. Practica 21- stamp when completed 

3. VHL with subjunctive and emotion due miércoles antes de 11:59 pm

14 May 2018

Hola, hoy es lunes

-sub today-

Español 1

stem-changing verb packet

Quiz tomorrow on stem-changing verbs

Español 3H

Apuntes subjunctive with doubt, denial, and disbelief 

Quiz tomorrow on subjunctive w/ feelings

11 May 2018

Hola, hoy es viernes

Español 1

1. ¿Sabes tú? 35 el 11 de mayo de 2018

P: This gesture is common in some Latin-American countries. It might use it to describe someone’s attitude toward money. If you see a person tap his elbow with the palm of his hand, what do you think he is saying about someone else’s attitude toward money?

R: The person is a cheapskate; very frugal with their money

2. Examencito - vocab part 2 of lección 4

Español 3H

1. Para empezar 20

Write sentences using the cues and starting each sentence with Ojalá que. Follow the model.

a. las personas / reducir el uso de los carros en las ciudades

b. las futuras generaciones / no estar afectadas por nuestros errores

c. los países / conservar sus recursos naturales

2. entregamos para empezar 11-20

3. Examencito de vocabulario - leccion 4 parte 2

Practicamos con emociones y el subjuntivo 

4. Apuntes, the subjunctive with denial, doubt, and disbelief 

10 May 2018

Hola, hoy es jueves:

Español 1

¿Sabes tú? 34     el 10 de mayo de 2018
 P: One of the most famous archaeological sites in a Spanish-speaking country has a large building that looks a lot like a pyramid and is full of snake statues. What is the name of this archaeological site and where can you go to visit it?

R: Chichén Itza in Mexico’s Yucatán península

2. Practica 29  stem-changing verbs (see me for a copy)

Quiz  moved to tomorrow on the remainder of the vocab for lección 4

VHL assignments due on Friday and Monday before 11:59 pm

Español 3H 

Complete VHL to prepare for  vocabulary quiz.

09 May 2018

Hola, hoy es miércoles

Español 1

¿Sabes tú? 33 el 9 de mayo de 2012
P: Located in the Andes Mountains of Peru at an altitude of more than 2700 meters, these ancient ruins are one of the best preserved archaeological sites in South America. They were rediscovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham. What is the name of this ancient site? What pre-Columbian people built this city?

R: Machu Picchu, Incas

2. Reminder to turn-in previous practicas

3. complete practica 28 - if not completed in class it is homework (link)

Quiz reminders:   Thursday quiz on the remainder of the vocab for lección 4

Friday, quiz on stem-changing verbs

VHL assignments due on Friday and Suday before 11:59 pm

Español 3H

1. Para empezar 19 el 9 de mayo

Combine the sentences using the subjunctive

a. Muchos ríos están contaminados. Es triste.

b. Algunas personas evitan reciclar. Es ridículo.

c. Los turistas no recogen la basura. Es una lástima.

2. Partner activity w/ subjunctive and emotions

Jueves – examencito vocab – emotions and doubts/ denial

Viernes examencito – using subjunctive w/ the above

VHL due Friday before 11:59 pm 

08 May 2018

Hola, hoy es martes,

Español 1

1. ¿Sabes  tú? 32 el 8 de mayo de 2018

Q: Body language is a nonverbal means of communication. In Hispanic cultures, there are many unique forms of body language. If you see someone from Mexico place the index finger under his eye, pull down slightly and say “¡Ojo!” What do you think this person is saying?

A: Watch out! Be careful!

2. Apuntes - stem-changing verbs

3. Practica 29 - stem-changing verbs (will complete tomorrow in class)

TAREA: study adjectives, verbs, and places from Lección 4 vocab. You will have a vocab quiz on these on Thursday

Friday- quiz over stem-changing verbs

Español 3H

1. Practicamos with subjunctive with emotion (dry erase practice)

TAREA: Quiz on Thursday over vocab (last column of text leccion 4 vocab)

Quiz on Friday over subjunctive with emotion